Texaco Star Decal

Texaco Star Texaco was the brand of the Texas Company, which began in the Spindletop boom of the early 1900s. The Gasoline Filling Station sign is from the teens. In March 1901, just two months after the first gusher at Spindletop, oil man Joseph "Buckskin" Joe Cullinan teamed with financer Arnold Schlaet to form the Texas Fuel company. Their idea was to buy Texas crude, then selling for 3 cents a barrel, and resell it to refineries in the northeast. A year later the new company became the Texas Company. In December of 1902 a salesman saw the name "Texaco" in the cable address of the company's New York office, and for the first time used the term as a product name. A month later the company's third well at Sour Lake near Beaumont, came in as a gusher and the formerly struggling Texas Company was off and running. Its first refinery opened in 1903 at Port Arthur a 19-year old refinery worker, J. Romeo Miglietta suggested adding a T to the Texas star for a company trademark, using the green and red from the flag of his native Italy. By 1923 the company introduced its Denver-Type service station, a bungalow design for its filling stations across the country. Acquiring California Petroleum Corporation in 1928 put Texaco in all 48 states. In 1931 Texaco bought the Indian Refining Company acquiring rights to the Havoline brand name. The same year high octane Fire Chief gasoline was introduced. In 1940 Texaco began its sponsorship of the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts which became a Saturday afternoon tradition for the rest of the century. In 1959 the Texas Company officially changed its name to Texaco, Inc. On October 16, 2000, Texaco merged with Chevron Corporation to form Chevron Texaco.
Texaco Star Decal
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